Other Questions?

Where can I find your product?

We are currently only available in Oregon and California.
Locate retailers carrying Select products at or our store locator.

Can I buy it online? Can I buy direct from Select?

Under current law, we cannot sell direct to customers and
our product cannot be shipped. 

Where can I exchange Select products?

Check with your original purchase location: we offer stores a no-hassle exchange policy. 

Do cartridges/other products “go bad”?
How long will it remain potent?

Our products are best when consumed within 2 years of the
manufacture date. They will not “go bad”, however they may
lose their efficacy over time. 

Usage Tips


You can use this to dab: either directly from the syringe, or to dose out concentrate onto the tip of your dab tool.


Usage Tips

THC-A Crystalline

You can vape THC-A by itself, and we suggest you try this first. You will notice the lack of terpenes and other chemicals. THC-A doesn’t really have much of a flavor, and a lungful of its vapor barely feels like anything. Next comes a clear, clean sensation that is centered in your head.

Next, try a “dip and dab.” Make sure you’ve picked a good spot on the couch. Dip or roll your concentrate of choice in the isolate powder and hit it together.

You can also mix it with tincture to feel relief from physical ailments.