Ready-to-dab THC-a isolate and activated THC Distillate
offer the highest potency vaping experiences. 

Select Dabbables brings you on a lush, potent journey.  Gratifying distillate in this versatile vial blends the highest concentration of activated THC with tasty terpenes sourced from the very finest cannabis strains. Versatile because you can dab it, use it to twax blunts and joints, or cook with it. 

What is it? Dabbables is THC distillate in a heat resistant borosilicate glass syringe is made to be applied directly to a hot dab nail. 

Select THC-A Cyrstalline is purified THC-a isolate. Supercharge  the potency of your dabbing adventures. Add Crystalline to flower or dab it by itself for a truly unique, powerfully smooth, and cleanly cerebral experience. 

What is this stuff? This is THC-a isolate, which has been called “the purest hash on planet earth.” THC-a is the raw chemical compound found on cannabis plants that, when heated, converts to the psychoactive THC molecule we all know and love. Our powerful new creation is a lightweight cerebral experience on its own, or as a sensational crystal coating for your dabs, or even sprinkled on flower. If you’re a fan of kief you have used cannabis in a powder form already. 

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