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Select CBD Blends combines the medical benefits of CBD with essential oils and natural extracts to help you Relax, Focus, and Revive.

Relax offers release at the end of a stressful day with sweet-smelling, calming lavender extract.

Focus is formulated to provide the clarifying benefits of CBD combined with soothing, refreshing peppermint extract.

Revive lifts you up with invigorating, rejuvenating grapefruit extract to help you recover, reconnect and regain energy.


Available in: Oregon, California 

Social is a low potency cannabis vape brand designed for any occasion. A mild high for people visiting areas with recreational marijuana, and anybody else who just needs a mellow dose of THC. 

Parents with a little time alone can puff discreetly and quickly return to normal function. Baby boomers, scared away by the arms race of ever-increasing THC levels, can return to recreational cannabis enjoyment. Share Social with friends at a reunion, a special night out with friends, or other Social event.

Select CO2

Available in: Oregon 

Select CO2 provides a portable, powerful, and pleasurable vape experience. Cutting edge cartridges are filled with exquisite oil extracted from exemplary cannabis for an enthralling and effective escape.

Each Select cartridge is cured for 48 hours and hand-inspected before making its way out to dispensaries. Select products pass through 7 levels of Quality Control checks before they are loaded up and sent to dispensaries.

Select ELITE

Available in: Oregon, California 

Select ELITE elevates your cannabis enjoyment to a higher level with luxuriant terpene infused-infused oil. This top shelf cartridge packs a powerful punch with our highest concentration of activated THC. Single source terpenes are reintroduced into our Elite oil after the distillation process for strain specific flavors and effects.

Select ELITE natural flavors serves up a sophisticated, sublime, and singular experience. Bursting with THC, this top shelf cartridge fuses natural flavors with a smooth inhale. Treat your tastebuds and stimulate your senses.


Available in: Oregon 

Select Dabbables brings you on a lush, potent journey.  Gratifying distillate in this versatile vial blends the highest concentration of activated THC with tasty terpenes sourced from the very finest cannabis strains. Versatile because you can dab it, use it to twax blunts and joints, or cook with it.

Select THC-A Cyrstalline is purified THC-a isolate. Supercharge  the potency of your dabbing adventures. Add Crystalline to flower or dab it by itself for a truly unique, powerfully smooth, and cleanly cerebral experience.




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