Pot Prices Rise 200% In Nevada As Product Flies Off The Shelves

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Nitin Khanna, Chief Executive Officer of Cura Cannabis Solutions, a cannabis oil company pointed out that in Nevada, people can’t consume marijuana outdoors or in their hotel rooms and there are no lounges where it is legal to smoke a joint. So, while the pre-rolled joints are popular now, Khanna believes that is because it is a familiar method of consumption to tourists. He thinks as the consumer begins to try vapes, they will make a switch. “Our assumption is Nevada is going to be the biggest vape cartridge market probably anywhere,” he said.  “The product that we are launching in our Nevada market is really our lowest THC product. It’s called Social. And the Social product comes in vanilla, watermelon, blueberry, and strawberry. The exhale has no cannabis smell to it, and so the people are able to consume without actually being able to be noticed. It’s a very discreet disposable cartridge.” Khanna said that many customers are new to the market and tend to be drawn to lower THC products. “They still have shows and concerts to go to and gambling.”

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