Canna Claus Survival Guide: Buds, Dabs, and Oils for Christmas 2017

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Canna Claus will be busy packing mom and dad’s stockings with something new this year on Christmas Eve, sparking joy with the gift of marijuana and her intoxicating derivatives.


Marijuana dispensaries in Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Washington State will most likel

y witness their average per-person sales increase by double digits the week before Christmas. With marijuana now legal in several new states, Christmas 2017 will represent the first year some shoppers (Hi, Nevada!) can legally purchase their favorite strains, extracts, and cannabinoid-rich oils at their local dispensary.

The fact that marijuana sales traditionally escalate during the holiday season should surprise few. In today’s hectic, fast-paced world, people are generally over-stimulated and in need of a mental reprieve this time of year. And while some in the global smoke circle are perpetually on the big man’s “naughty list,” the suggested gifts offer some guidance for the rest of those 420-enthusiast still on Canna Claus’ good side.

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