We are committed to sourcing our oil from the finest flower, & using state-of-the-art hardware in every cartridge.


Select’s Family has a product for you no matter what your tolerance or what the occasion. We hold your hand every step of the way as you discover the joys of THC and CBD vaping.

Select Oil

Grown in live organic soil by trusted local farmers. Extracted using cutting-edge tech into potent, resinous oil.

Respected for consistent quality & relentless innovation. Winner, 2017 Dope Industry Award for Best Concentrate Company.

Select Oil got our start by identifying and solving a problem that nobody else knew existed. Our founder wanted to help a friend with chronic health issues enjoy the benefits of cannabis without burning his throat with harsh smoke. Two years later that spirit of innovation persists. We are a recognized leader at the verge of the fastest growing, most exciting business in America.

Quality Control

we put every cartridge through 7 levels of quality control checks at our production facility.

Our QC team hand inspects each cartridge for cracks, leaks, and tanks that were not completely filled. During this Quality Control process, cartridges are locked away and cured for 24 hours before they head into dispensaries. This gives the cannabis oil time to fully saturate the wick and helps minimize mechanical failures.


Oil viscosity and THC/CBD levels tested.


Machine operators carefully pre-check cartridges
as they are filled.


Filling QC team checks temperature and places
mouthpieces on each filled cartridge.


Before being cured, Filling and QC team inspect
carts as they are bundled.


After 24 hour curing process, two fresh sets of eyes
inspect each cartridge


Quality control team approves each cartridge in
‘Final Check’


Cartridges are inspected one final time for levels
and defects before being sent out of stores.


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